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A Beatufully designed program considering the need of the new learner.It is good for all those who want to learn from grass root level.


For the first time ever a complete English learning software based program which helps in developing vocabulary , grammar, accent , easy sentence building , listening and also includes classroom practices.


Beautifull stories

Learning becomes easy with amazing moral stories.They are created with beautiful pictures with audio for better understanding accent.


Learn from celebrity interviews from Hollywood to Bollywood, Politicians, and Sportsman. A Great tool to make you understand different accents.

Colorful Pictures

Grammar is now made easy and interesting with picture and audios.

Subconscious Method

Language forever, A revolutionary method works is subconscious helps in learning fast.


After running a language institute for last 18 years, we came to the conclusion that teaching only grammar of any language does not help a person to speak the language. If a person starts speaking a language based only on the structures, he will definitely start speaking but he will speak an incorrect language, so after learning this we found that there must be a program developed where one can learn grammar on the tongue as well as the structures.


How it Works

Learner English program is the most needed and best program to learn English as it has no age bar whether a person is a student , a house wife or a kid , it helps all to learn English.

The first tab is SCF, it's the Subconscious Feeding Method it helps the student to overcome the fear ,

  • 1. SCF technique what and why?
  • 2. How to use the videos of this program?
  • 3. Listen and Repeat
  • 4. English Cards
  • 5. "Story of the Day"
  • 6. What is the need of grammar
  • 7. Idioms Phrases
  • How It Works

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