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FLUENTA works on the simple concept of learning any language As When we were kids, nobody teaches our mother tongue, We listen and grasp it and then start speaking the language which everybody is speaking around us. Same technique we have used in making FLUENTA which makes you listen more and practice more.

And moreover, we give you the atmosphere where Learning English is the only goal. Here in FLUENTA we have used all the aspects of how a language can be learned easily and interestingly. The whole program is divided into different parts, which focuses on Reading, Listening Speaking & understanding.

Learner English program is the most needed and best program to learn English as it has no age bar whether a person is a student , a house wife or a kid , it helps all to learn English

What is SCF Technology?

The first tab is SCF its the Subconscious Feeding Method it helps the student to overcome the fear , To learn anything new one needs to be confident but there is always a hesitation. This method will help the student to learn better and faster. A revolutionary method which works in the sub conscious of the mind.


we have a beautifully designed grammar which is full of pictures, it makes easy for the student to understand the grammar concepts .in this step where a person is listening, watching and understanding, we have taken care of both left and right brain oriented people. For a complete understanding of the topic, student has to take a test .

Idioms Phrases

These are the ornaments of the English language which makes you different from other as you use like "it's the cup of tea" for me to learn English or it is the piece of cake for me to learn English. So when you use idioms and phrases your English seems polished and different from others mind.

English Cards

These cards are basically the sentences or dialogues already learned in the video and practiced it in animation, these cards will help in learning sentences . This practice will give you the confidence and command over that structure.


Everybody loves to listen to stories , Fluenta is filled with such life transforming stories with colorful pictures and test practices .It will help students to learn fast and remember easily

What is the need of this program?

In this program we have used both the methods simultaneously, so that when he speaks he need not to afraid and when he learns grammar he must understand it.And when you learn both the aspects of language our brain automatically process the information and without any difficulty you start speaking English confidently and correctly.In this whole process you achieve accuracy and speed which is the most important factor of speaking a language.

Why we need grammar?

This is the question which arises differently as what is the need of the grammar. Some say that grammar is very necessary and without it Speaking English is not possible on the other hand some have this opinion that for speaking English , grammar is not at all important.

Advance English Program.

After completing the learner program , you need to go to the next level which is Advance English program Where there are videos of celebrities so that you can learn the usage of English in your regular talks and animation and practices which help you to speak more and more.


This basically is an analysis of what you have learned, there are the different type of test in this program at every level.

vocabulary sheets

In this tab you get to see the vocabulary of the complete program and a list of 1000 verbs, adjectives and so on ,

Recording Tab

This is again a beautiful practice to make you confident, here you can record whatever you are talking. This tab is to be used during games where the student will speak and record and afterward, will listen to what he said. Generally, we only listen to people and we always hesitate to speak.So this tab helps psychologically when you listen to yourself speaking English and get the confidence.